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Requesting an INITIAL LICENSE after passing the exam

My consulting fee is $209.  I will take you through the application step by step to ensure proper completion. 

I will also fill in the application for you, except for the experience description which you will write up and I will review to ensure that it will be acceptable.

What I do not do is this – I do not describe your experience.  I will assist you with the description of your experience by telling you what you need to include and how you should prepare it, and then have you fax it to me for review.

I do not prepare the credit reports.  The Construction Board has a list of credit reporting companies and I would email the list to you. 

– NOTE:  Companies on the list prepare a special credit report for the licensing purposes.

If you would like me to assist you I would initially need the following info:

1   Applicant (person who passed state exam) information:

  • full legal name

  • race or ethnicity 

  • residence address

  • county of residence

  • phone

  • email address

  • date of birth

  • social security number

  • category of exam passed

2   Also, will need name of company applicant (license holder) will qualify (or associate his/her license with)

  • 2A Company Information

    • Name of company

    • Address of company

    • Federal Identification number of company

    • Stockholder or Owners’ Info: 

      • names of owners

      • residence address of owners

      • social security numbers for owners

      • percentage of ownership for each owner

      • titles or positions with the company (Pres., Vice Pres., Manager, etc.)

  • 2B – Is the company you wish to qualify currently qualified by any other license holder and if so what is the license number

  • 2C – Will you be “financially responsible” for the business you wish to qualify and have check signing authority for the business?

3   Do you hold or have you held any other professional licenses? (engineer, real estate, construction license) if so need :

  • type of license

  • date issued

  • expiration date

  • license number

  • state of issue

  • name on license

4   Any college level credits?  If so need number of years worth of college level credits

5   Ever used any other name/s?


6   Ever been convicted of a crime or has any owner in the company you wish to qualify  been convicted – if so, will need info pertaining to the response

  • date of offense

  • charge

  • penalty

  • have all sanctions been satisfied

  • county and state where charged

  • brief explanation of what happened



Once I receive the above info and payment then we will proceed with the additional requirements. Thank you for your inquiry.  


NOTE:  PLEASE – DO NOT SEND PAYMENT until you have provided the above requested information.  Then mail check payable to Candace Rutledge  for $209 to address on website

 – NOTE:  Please print applicant’s (license holder’s)  name on memo line of check

Candace Rutledge, Consultant


Candace Rutledge

7973 Austin Road

Jacksonville, Florida  32244



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